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SOLOMAX OMNISERVICES LIMITED is an indigenous engineering company providing specialised services In Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning for on-shore, Swamp Oil and Gas Project and major civil works.

Our unique selling points is our ability to harness local resources to provide quality Engineering Services in the safest possible manner with minimal impart on the environment.

We combine technical expertise, operational stability, flexibility and reliability to create and maintain the standards comparable with our clients.

SOLOMAX has exceptional management tools that are specifically designed to manage projects. Our specialized method contributes to our ability to execute project within timeline and budget while emphasizing the importance of Health, Safety and the Environment.

SOLOMAX employs highly qualified and experience group of professionals in different fields of Engineering, Science and social science to provide our clients with solutions to their most complex engineering challenges.

At SOLOMAX, we work to overcome imposing engineering and technical challenges for both the on-shore and off-shore facilities. We provide installation services to our clients, together with a range of unscheduled maintenance works. We offer comprehensive oil-field services, including the provision of supervisor and field Engineers in all relevant disciplines, in every location.

Professional Team

"Hard working to provide best solutions"

We have a consortium of engineers and professional technicians in relevant service choice to give industry standard service.

24/7 Services

"We are never weary"

However urgent the project timeline is, our team is truly committed to offer the best of service without compromising standard at all times .

Affordable Price

"innovation yet affordable"

Our professional team is not limited to the published service description here stated, rather with our professional research and development specialist we can be anywhere.

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